Welcome, hero!

Your town is being attacked by terrifying monsters! Fortunately, these lazy bones are frightened by activity! Fill the activity rings on your Apple Watch every day to defeat them.

A powerful boss monster will appear every week. Gain helpful reinforcements for this tough fight by filling your rings every day.

Remember, hero...
The land cries out for FITNESS!!!

Maps, monsters, and mansions by
Aleksandr Makarov

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I accidentally uninstalled Fitness Quest!

That is not a question, dear player! However, you may reinstall Fitness Quest directly from the app store on the watch. Simply open the app store on your watch, search for 'Fitness Quest', and tap 'install'. Alas, while you may install the app for the first time from your phone, repeat installations may only be done on the watch itself.

How does my activity affect the game?

Each monster requires a full activity ring of any type to defeat. Therefore, to defeat all three monsters you'll need to finish all your daily activity goals! There are a few exceptions to this rule:

- You can overfill your rings by doing more activity than your goal, you overachiever! Overfilling a ring leads to diminishing returns though - you'll need to do more after achieving your initial goal to have the same effect as filling one of your still in-progress rings.

- Some monsters are weak to specific activities and strong versus the others! On days where you have one of these enemies, you'll have an easier time by filling the relevant ring.

- Bosses are extra tough, and need the equivalent of four activity rings to defeat completely. Champions and pikemen will help you out versus these strong foes, so be sure to complete your activities in the week leading up to a boss fight.

What do champions and pikemen do, exactly?

These helpful chaps will hang around like lazy bums in your village until the weekly boss appears. It is at that moment that these brave warriors spring into action, damaging the boss and making it easier for your activity to finish him off. Collect as many as you can every week!

How does the game decide what monster I'm facing?

Every week, one of the three Prime Villains will attack your settlement. Each of them has a mighty army composed of three different monster types and one powerful boss. These villains are:

- The Dread Queen raises armies of spooky undead monsters! Fortunately, these lazy bones are easy to defeat with exercise and energy.

- The Wildling Chief commands a horde of rowdy, undisciplined monsters. The best way to defeat them are to stand up to their bullying and show off your exercise techniques.

- The Flame King summons fiendish creatures to attack your villagers. Hitting your energy goals and standing up to these minions will bring you success!

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